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●modsonic (モッドソニック)●
modsonic is a coined word from mod (people at the forefront of fashion) and sonic (running at the speed of sound).
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We deal in the following items.
1)Original leather accessories, bags, miscellaneous goods, etc.
2)Original T-shirts
3)Design-related old books, records, etc.
Our leather accessories are all made in Japan by experienced craftsmen who are committed to "ALL MADE IN JAPAN" in terms of original design, materials, and production. 

革製品はオリジナルデザイン・素材・加工すべて「ALL MADE IN JAPAN」にこだわり経験豊富なクラフトマンにより一つ一つ制作しております。

●Brand Concept(ブランドコンセプト)●
Modern Style in Space City「宇宙都市のモダンスタイル」

●Brand Statement(ブランドステートメント)●
From the late 1960s to the 1970s, people were inspired by space and the future, and their worldviews have been incorporated into architecture, films, and interiors from time to time.
Towering skyscrapers and flying cars intersect far above our heads. Underwater cities built on the ocean floor, people migrate to settlements built on planets other than Earth.
We call it a space city.

We also believe that the future design image of cyberpunk and cyber worlds that electronic music has been creating since the 80's is also important for the space city.

We offer modern styles and products from the "space city of the future," which encompasses space age, retro-futurism, and techno culture, to the people of today.

そびえ立つ 超高層ビル群と、空飛ぶ車が遥か頭上で交差する。海底に建設された水中都市、地球以外の惑星に構築された居住区へ人々は移住するーーー。 私たちはそれを宇宙都市と呼んでいます。

●Design Philosophy(デザイン理念)●
We believe that modsonic accessories should always have a minimalist elegance. We believe it should be simple and original at the same time.

Mail: modsonic@yahoo.co.jp
〇古物商許可 〇
埼玉県公安委員会 第431030056488号

お支払い方法について(Payment Method)

以下の決済方法がご利用いただけます。The following payment methods are available.
  • クレジットカード
  • 携帯キャリア決済
    ドコモ払い au かんたん決済・UQ mobile ソフトバンクまとめて支払い・ワイモバイルまとめて支払い
  • Amazon PayAmazon Pay
  • PayPal決済PayPal

送料・配送について(Shipping and Delivery)

国内のお客様・・・商品毎に送料を設定しております。詳しくは商品ページをご確認下さい。 To International customers except for Japan: 1. Shipping from Japan to overseas countries is done through EMS service. Please refer to each product page for details. 2. Shipping charges are metered, so multiple purchases may save you money; please contact us prior to purchase payment process if you wish to purchase more than 2 units at once. (This means you can purchase multiple items for the shipping cost of one item.) 3. In that case, we will issue an one time limited coupon for a discount on the shipping cost in advance, so please use it to make your purchase process. 4. Please note that coupons cannot be used after your purchase process has completed, so please be sure to contact and inform us in advance to let us know if you wish to purchase more than one item at once. Please let us know which and how many items you wish to purchase so that we can calculate the coupon price.
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